Kia Store Rainbow City- Gadsden

Meet Brittany

How did you become spokeswoman for The Kia Store?

It seems that we are keeping it in the family at The KIA Stores in Anniston and Gadsden, Alabama; my father-in-law is a partial owner of The KIA Stores in Anniston and Gadsden and the managing partner is my mother-in-law's cousin's husband...everyone follow that? :) Over a family pizza dinner Don asked me if I would be interested in doing commercials for The KIA Stores. As a daughter-in-law, wife's cousin's son's wife (or whatever the technical term for that may be), and a proud KIA owner, I gladly accepted and am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to represent The KIA Stores.

Have you done any other commercial work in the past? What about other acting jobs?

No Emmys or Oscars here; I have not done any commercials in the past but I have hosted training videos in my last two jobs for major corporations such as IBM, HP, and AT&T.

What's been your favorite Kia Store commercial so far?

It was one of the commercials for zero-profit pricing. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and at the very end of the commercial I turned to the side and said, "What else were you expecting?" It got some great responses from people in town!

Did the Kia Store give you a free pet hamster with the popularity of the Soul commercials?

They sure did not! I would love one though! My first real pet that I was solely responsible for (no pun intended) was a hamster. His name was Squeaky. He had a 3-story house and after a year or so he disappeared. My parents never told me the real story until later in life; he somehow crawled out of the top of his cage and fell into one my Dad's rain boots that was sitting right next to it. Poor Squeaky - I can just picture him driving a Soul in hamster heaven.

Which is your favorite Kia?

Sorento! It's the one I drive :)

Is advertising for the Kia store a full time gig or do you have another job as well?

I wish it was a full-time gig! I have so much fun on the day of the shoots! My full-time job, besides "Mommy" now, is a Business Analyst. I work for a sales and marketing company based out of Atlanta.

Who's the better spokesperson- you or Blake Griffin. Do you play sports? Do you think you could beat Blake in any sports?

I actually just had to Google Blake Griffin, haha! I'm not too familiar with Big 12 schools, I'm an SEC girl! I love all sports; I played soccer, tennis, and was a cheerleader all through high school. I would like to see Blake Griffin take to the ice! I was a competitive ice skater for eight years!

What's your favorite part about being the face of the Kia Store? Any celebrity perks that come with the job?

My favorite aspect of being the face of The KIA Stores for Anniston and Gadsden is that I am helping out my family and their investment in KIA. I have been introduced to some truly genuine and kind people from this opportunity. It is such a pleasure working with everyone at The KIA Stores and JKR Advertising - and it's fun!

Who are your role models?

My parents and my sister are my role models; my parents have been married for over 40 years and have given me all the necessary tools to be successful in life and love. My sister overcame cancer at the age of 23 and has shown me that there is no limit on the amount of strength one person has.

You have a magnetic and bubbly personality. Did working as a spokesperson come naturally to you or is it harder than it looks?

Being a spokesperson is much more difficult than it looks! Luckily with each take and shoot you get more comfortable in front of the camera. The first commercial I did for KIA was based on Talladega, “The KIA Store 200”. I have to admit that I crashed and burned in the first go around of my commercial career as a KIA Store spokesperson!

Have you had any fun encounters around town from being recognized from TV?

I have! My favorite encounter was in the hospital the day after I had my baby. The nurse came into the room and said, “I wondered if you would be delivering your baby at RMC…I see you on TV all the time!” My husband and I got a good chuckle out of that.